Educating Physical Therapists Globally

Our newest learning tool, The EIM LEARNING ACADEMY is a series of “flipped” classroom learning systems designed so that physical therapy students can watch lectures at home so you can spend valuable face-to-face classroom time problem solving, exploring clinical reasoning, and practicing hands-on training.   This allows you and your students to use time as effectively as possible.

Faculty who adopt EIM’s Learning Academy will gain the following:

  • A learning community of musculoskeletal faculty from around the country
  • A list of the current required and supplemental readings to augment lectures
  • Sample multiple choice test questions to accompany lectures
  • Faculty prep sheets which highlight key questions related to the lectures and associated answers to guide either in-person or online class discussions
  • Laboratory guidance
  • A Learning Academy site tailored to your University with your logo is prominently displayed and linked back to either your university website or learning management system

Professors, interested in adopting The Learning Academy for your class?

Follow the steps below to receive a Preview:

  1. Set up your MyEIM account. If you already have a MyEIM account, proceed to step #2.
  2. Please click on the LEARNING ACADEMY INFORMATION FORM below.
  3. Complete the entire form.
  4. Once you complete and submit the form, you will receive an email with access information.

Fill out the Learning Academy Information Form!

Learning Academy Information Form