The number one request I receive from Physical Therapists is for help learning to be more productive and balanced. With declining reimbursement and increasing documentation requirements, the day to day tasks for physical therapists, managers and owners have never been more overwhelming.

One of the things most physical therapists are required to do is attend continuing education as part of their licensure requirements. Why not become more productive in ALL aspects of your life, and earn CE credit at the same time? This course is approved for 24 CCUs.

The purpose of this course is to teach you how to more effectively manage yourself and your energy to ensure that you are successful. We will learn about 6 levels of time management and how to apply them in your work and personal life to be more effective:

  • Level 1: Capture is where we learn to manage our minutes
  • Level 2: Prioritize is where we learn to manage our hours
  • Level 3: Routine is where we learn to manage our days
  • Level 4: Spin and Flow is where we learn to manage our weeks
  • Level 5: Plan is where we learn to manage our months
  • Level 6: Balance is where we learn to manage our lives

These strategies build on and complement each other with the objective that at the end of this course you will see exponential improvements in your productivity and your ability to execute on your plans to reach your goals.

Time Management for Physical Therapists

This course is 100% online and happens wherever you happen to be. It includes a combination of video lectures, readings, discussion and resources as well as activities to help you put these principles into practice. Each module is designed to take 3-4 hours… with every minute spent working towards building YOUR systems and planning to meet YOUR goals.

All of the content is delivered in an elegant online learning platform called Ruzuku. This platform allows the materials to be viewed on almost any device and is very easy to use. This course will be delivered to you one week at a time, over an 8 week period, so that you can sequentially work through the lectures and activities. If you need more time or want to take a few weeks off, the material will be there for you when you are ready to engage.

I know that these strategies work, because I use them myself! I’ve taken the best resources I’ve found and customized them for clinicians, managers and practice owners. You will find direct, applicable advice on managing email, avoiding distraction, staying focused, scheduling, setting goals and staying balanced. I give you every strategy I know to help you become more effective and productive. You are going to LOVE this course!