This Advanced Certification program incorporates critical thinking, clinical judgment, research knowledge and foundation, teaching opportunities, and mentoring to generate thoughtful clinicians, knowledgeable teachers, and evidence based practitioners specializing musculoskeletal treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction. This advanced level program consists of mentored teaching experience, enhanced virtual rounds with case based discussion, and a series of advanced clinical practice topics participants can choose from to further tailor their educational experience. 

The Experience

A dynamic fusion of didactic, collaborative, and clinical education experiences using a combination of distance learning, on-line courses, weekend intensive hands-on courses, and clinical practice hours. Courses are taught by EIM’s world class faculty, many of whom are internationally recognized for their contributions to education, research, and practice management.

Target Audience: Licensed Physical Therapist and/or Occupational Therapist

Prerequisite: Completion of EIM’s Pelvic Health Certification. This program is designed for those that have graduated from EIM’s Pelvic Health Certification. Didn’t graduate from EIM? Click here

The Outcome

  1. Advance clinical knowledge and skills in pelvic musculoskeletal health care for men, women, and children.
  2. Deepen knowledge and application of such skills as therapeutic neuroscience education application, trigger point dry needling, and visceral mobilization work, among others.
  3. Advanced teaching skills both in didactic teaching and technique demonstration/teaching. Both online and in person mentored teaching will be included.
  4. For Advanced Certification students, targeted mentoring will further deepen knowledge and application of clinical skills and advanced clinical reasoning.
  5. Participation in the community and education within the community.


The EIM Advanced Certification in Pelvic Health program consists of 11 credit hours of blended online and onsite learning.  This program is 14-20 months in length, although the student has 3 years (36 months) of active enrollment to complete the program. The curriculum consists of the following outlined academic courses:

Winter 2020 Calendar

Core Coursework

  • TPS 6410 Therapeutic Neuroscience Education (4 credits)
  • PHPT 6530 Advanced Pelvic Floor Assessment and Intervention (5 credits)
    • Onsite: See course page for date and location
  • PHPT 6510 Pelvic Health 1 (TA Role) (1 credit)
  • PHPT 6520 Pelvic Health 2 (TA Role) (1 credit)
  • PHPT 7670 Pelvic Health Virtual Rounds (3 credits)
  • PHPT 7090 Capstone Project (no credits)

Elective Course Options 

  • RES 6110 Writing Case Reports and Case Series* (1 credit)
  • PROF 6100 Professionalism: Roles and Responsibilities* (1 credit)
  • PHPT 6110 Lifestyle Considerations* (1 credit)
  • PHPT 6120 Sexuality Considerations* (1 credit)
  • PHPT 6130 Pelvic Floor Post-Op/Pharmacology* (1 credit)
  • PHPT 6140 Special Populations* (Includes Peds) * (1 credit)
  • PHPT 6160 Pelvic Heath from Adolescence Through Older Adulthood* (1 credit)
  • PHPT 6170 Body Systems Impacting Pelvic Musculoskeletal Health* (1 credit)
  • FDN 6150 Functional Dry Needling of the Pelvic Floor (1 credit)
    (**FDN 6110 pre-req) – Will count toward 2 elective options
  • PHPT 7190 Targeted Pelvic Health Clinical Mentorship (2 credits)
    (This course will count as 2 electives)

*Elective courses: Advanced Certification students will complete a minimum of 3 elective courses.


If you are in need of a disability-related accommodation, please contact [email protected]. We will process requests for reasonable accommodation and will provide reasonable accommodations where appropriate, in a prompt and efficient manner. For more information please see the Accommodation Procedures for Disabled Participants page.