2019-2020 Prep Course is now open! Access ends March 31, 2020 to coincide with the 2020 exam dates.

Evidence In Motion’s Orthopaedic Certified Specialist (OCS) Prep Course is specifically designed to prepare participants for the OCS examination and stimulate their clinical practice. A regional approach is used throughout the curriculum that includes: test taking strategies, upper extremities, cervical and thoracic spines, lower extremities, lumbar spine and pelvis, critical inquiry, and miscellaneous topics and review. The course runs on a yearly cycle (April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020) to coincide with the upcoming exam date.

This course is designed to provide a structured, customized method of studying for the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties (ABPTS) Orthopedic Certified Specialist (OCS) examination. The heart of this course is more than 200 questions similar in format and content to the questions asked on this challenging examination. Students start the course by taking a pre-test to establish areas of weakness. Areas of weakness are then improved with a combination of feedback on each question missed as well as short web based lectures and easily digestible content to allow focused and efficient improvement in those areas that need it most. Innovative Flash-based testing software by articulate allows missing a question to become a learning experience in itself as answer level feedback instructs the student on why the incorrect answer is wrong (or gives more information about correct answers).

The course is completed with the passing of a timed post-test, although all of the course content remains available to the student until after the OCS examination test date. This course does more than provide testing to allow efficient study. Students will find more than 300 links to EIM presentations, short topic reviews, web based resources and other useful items. All of these links are organized in an innovative ‘mind-map’ format that allows for organized and efficient preparation. EIM is excited to offer this high tech, innovative approach to learning that leverages the capabilities of the internet to create a truly unique learning environment.

EIM offers a video walk through of the course by the creator, David Browder. You can view this tour by clicking here.


This course is presented in a modular, web-based, self-paced format using the Moodle Learning Management System. The course is interactive and media-rich to help make the e-learning environment both engaging and convenient for the participant. The OCS Prep Course course is designed as a 16-week self-study program that integrates journal articles, online video presentations, Mind-Maps, weekly summaries, and additional online resources to offer the latest in current best evidence for orthopaedic physical therapy clinical practice.

While weekly outlines and content are provided, participants are encouraged to deviate from the ‘schedule’ as necessary to spend more time in areas they find to be weaknesses. This allows the EIM OCS Prep Course to be a uniquely tailored experience for each participant. A pre-test, post-test, and weekly online quizzes are provided in a similar format to OCS exam questions to simulate the exam environment, identify knowledge gaps, and assess learning. The course is typically started 4-5 months prior to the OCS exam.

Target Audience: Intermediate level course open to licensed physical therapists.

Credits: 58 contact hours from EIM Institutes of Health Professions

CEUs: The OCS Test Prep Course is approved by the Texas Board of Physical Therapy Examiners for 58.6 continuing competence units (CCUs).  Accredited Provider #1902020 (It is the registrant’s responsibility to contact their state board and inquire if reciprocity with Texas is accepted or submit for CEU approval individually in their state. EIM will provide documentation needed upon request.)

EIM Program Applicability: Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Residency (EIM 310; 2 credits)

OCS Prep Course Features:

  • Online lectures that can be viewed when you have time to study
  • Interact with other “OCS-preppers” in an exclusive online forum
  • Weekly summaries of the most “need to know” info for the OCS Exam with quizzes
  • Pre-course exam, quizzes and post-course exam with over 300 OCS-style review questions
  • Citations and full text are provided for all quiz and pre-course exam questions

Group Discounts:

Discounts are available for group purchases of the course.

6 – 10 = 5% discount
11 or more = 10% discount

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