Ultimately, patient outcomes are determined by the manual handling skills that you implement. EIM’s Manual Physical Therapy Certification (MTC) provides post-professional training for physical therapists and is designed to advance the physical therapist as a provider of patient care with advanced clinical competency. Courses are taught by world class faculty from a variety of the best academic programs and clinical practices in the country.

This particular track of our MTC program is intended for those who plan to apply for our Orthopaedic Manual Therapy Fellowship Program upon completion of the MTC. By selecting this track, you will complete the following fellowship-level topic courses: Evidence-Based Physical Therapy Practice II (.5 Cr), Pain Sciences and Psychosocial Implications in Musculoskeletal Care (1 Cr), Mechanisms of Manual Physical Therapy (.5 Cr), Introduction to OMPT and Professional Socialization (.5 Cr), Writing Case Reports & Case Series (.5 Cr).

All credits and tuition paid for these courses will be directly applied to the Fellowship program, pending review of your grades for these courses and official acceptance to the Fellowship program.

The Experience

The majority of EIM’s Manual Physical Therapy Certification happens wherever you happen to be. Coursework consists of a dynamic combination of didactic, collaborative, and clinical education experiences using a blend of distance learning, online courses, and weekend intensive on-site courses. The weekend intensive on-site courses occur at EIM Network Partners and academic centers located in key geographic areas around the country.

Updates to the Manual Physical Therapy Certification Program include:

  • Robust examination processes to ensure student mastery of material and manual interventions
  • A 12-24 month program that allows flexibility to accommodate your busy life!
  • Constructive credit / waivers granted for select previously completed certification-level courses
  • A pathway to directly transition courses with grades of an A or A- into the EIM OMPT Fellowship Program, therefore decreasing the overall workload and tuition for the fellowship and allowing you more flexibility and time to accomplish your fellowship training.

The Outcome

EIM’s Manual Physical Therapy Certification is designed so that you will:

  • Become a certified, highly skilled, autonomous practitioner with advanced clinical competency in manual physical therapy.
  • Make evidence-based practice an immediate reality in your clinical practice.
  • Enhance your critical thinking and psychomotor skills to improve decision-making and outcomes of care.
  • Improve your knowledge of current evidence and begin your preparation for Orthopaedic Board Certification and transition to the EIM OMPT Fellowship Program.


Download Sample Manual Therapy Certification 1-year Calendar

Download Sample Manual Therapy Certification 2-year Calendar

Core Course Work

Topic Courses

  • OMPT 6130 – Mechanisms of Manual Physical Therapy*
  • OMPT 6210 – Pain Sciences and Psychosocial Implications in Musculoskeletal Care*
  • RES 6110 – Writing Case Reports & Case Series*
  • OMPT 6110 – Introduction to OMPT and Professional Socialization*

Capstone Course and Exams

  • OMPT 7170 – MTC Virtual Rounds and Case Presentations
  • OMPT 7080 – MTC Capstone Examinations

* Credit for these courses directly transfer into the OMPT Fellowship if taken within 2 years of starting fellowship, and if you achieve at least an A or A- in the course.

** After completing these courses in the MTC with an A or A-, you repeat the course in a teaching/learning role in the OMPT Fellowship.