Sports Physical Therapy is a specialized practice that focuses on prevention, evaluation, treatment, rehabilitation, and performance enhancement of the physically active individual. In order to become a productive member of a sports medicine team, the sports physical therapist needs to be versed in many facets of care of the athlete. EIM’s evidence-based Sports Physical Therapy Competencies course will cover many of these facets, to include: preventive and supportive taping; pre-participation screenings; functional movement screenings including corrective exercise prescription; evaluation, instruction and treatment of athletic movement; late-phase ACL rehabilitation; and injury prevention programs.


This course is delivered in a blended learning fashion, combining online and on-site learning experiences to facilitate participant learning. An interactive and media-rich online precourse is provided to participants 30 days in advance of an intensive 2-day on-site laboratory weekend.  The online precourse provides an evidence-based overview of the sports physical therapy using a combination of web-based video presentations, key evidence summaries and primary research articles. The on-site lab intensive weekend provides participants with hands-on demonstration and practice of examination procedures, preventive strategies and selected interventions for the care of the physically active individual. The lab focuses predominantly on becoming proficient in a core set of sports physical therapy competencies. A small group testing session will be conducted on the beginning of Day 2 to review the examination, prevention and intervention strategies/techniques learned in Day 1. A round-robin format will be used where course faculty monitor the performance of each participant and provide feedback accordingly. In our experience, course participants have consistently rated these sessions among the highest. The course will have a student to faculty ratio of no greater than 16:1. An online post-test and on-site skill assessment are used to reinforce course objectives and assess learning. Successful completion of this course requires 80% or higher on post-test, skills assessment and attendance at each onsite day.

Target Audience: Intermediate level course open to licensed physical therapists and athletic trainers certified.

Credits: 24 contact hours (8 online and 16 on-site) from EIM Institutes of Health Professions

EIM Program Applicability:  None.  This course must be taken in conjunction with an 8-week online Sports Competencies course to earn constructive credit towards EIM’s Sports Physical Therapy Residency (EIM SR102, 4 credits)

Prerequisites: None

Appropriate dress: Participants are asked to bring appropriate attire for lab sessions (i.e. shorts and t-shirts and sports bras for women) and air-conditioned environments throughout the day (i.e. warm-up or work-out clothes).


Upon completing this course, you’ll be able to:

  1. Incorporate information from self-report measures, history and pre-participation musculoskeletal screenings to guide evidence-based decision making and recommendations to a team physician re: sports participation and/or need for rehabilitation.
  2. Demonstrate clinical examination skills for functional movement utilizing an evidence-based functional movement screen.
  3. Demonstrate clinical examination skills for athletic movement
  4. Synthesize examination findings from functional movement screen and athletic movement to prescribe corrective exercises and injury prevention strategies.
  5. Select and demonstrate neuromuscular training and therapeutic exercise interventions based on current best evidence for the rehabilitation of the physically active individual.
  6. Most importantly – be able to apply this stuff to your clinical practice next week!


Required and supplementary articles are listed in each weekly module and can be downloaded from the Moodle Learning Management System.


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