EIM PRIME (Progressive Reasoning for Integrating Manipulation and Exercise) Time is an intense, one-day hands-on seminar that will expose participants to manipulation techniques supported in the peer-reviewed literature for managing a variety of low-back, hip and knee disorders.

Participants will learn and enhance manipulation skills they can immediately apply and integrate into patient management. Exposure to the benefits and opportunities of lifelong learning through courses, certifications, residencies and fellowships will be discussed.


The course is 20% lecture and discussion and 80% hands on. The student to faculty ratio will be no greater than 18:1. An online post-test and on-site skill assessments are used to reinforce course objectives and assess learning. Successful completion of this course requires 80% or higher on post-test, skills assessment and attendance at the onsite.

Target Audience: Licensed physical therapists

Credits: 8 contact hours from EIM Institute of Health Professions

EIM Program Applicability:  None.  This course must be taken in conjunction with an 8-week online management course to earn constructive credit towards EIM’s OMPT Fellowship, Orthopaedic and Sports PT Residencies, Transition DPT and Manual Therapy Certificate programs.

Prerequisites: None

Appropriate dress: Participants are asked to bring appropriate attire for lab sessions (i.e. shorts and t-shirts and sports bras for women) and air-conditioned environments throughout the day (i.e. warm-up or work-out clothes).


Upon completing this course, you’ll be able to:

  1. Justify the selection of manual therapy and exercise techniques in select lumbar and hip disorders based on current best evidence.
  2. Perform with moderate proficiency select manual therapy techniques for the lumbopelvic and hip region.
  3. Identify professional growth opportunities in the USA that accelerate excellence in clinical practice.
  4. Describe physical therapy management principles in managing hip and low back disorders.

Most importantly – be able to apply this stuff to your clinical practice next week!

Required and supplementary articles can be downloaded from the Moodle Learning Management System.