Evidence In Motion’s Certification in Pediatric Practice offers physical therapists and occupational therapists the opportunity to advance their skills and evidence-based knowledge in working with pediatric patients. This program will effectively translate that knowledge into optimal critical reasoning and application into practice for families and their children of all abilities. Students will become highly skilled in evaluation, treatment, and on-going assessment of the movement system throughout the lifespan. The content is provided in a blended, collaborative learning format that allows the individual practitioner to continue to engage in their professional and personal responsibilities.

Audience: Licensed Physical Therapists and Licensed Occupational Therapists

Program Length: 12-14 months

Contact Hours: 17 credits


  1. Become a highly skilled, autonomous practitioner with advanced clinical competency.
  2. Use contemporary frameworks to transform your clinical practice.
  3. Enhance critical thinking and psychomotor skills to improve decision-making and outcomes of care.
  4. Improve your knowledge of current evidence and begin preparation for Pediatric Board Certification.
  5. Have the opportunity to use your Certification credit hours towards an EIM Residency or postprofessional training.
  6. Promote the health and wellness of participants and the individuals they serve.


Certification in Pediatric Practice Catalog

Winter 2019 Calendar

Spring 2019 Calendar

Core Coursework

Elective Options (Choose Two) 

  • PEDI 6130 Pediatric Acute Care and NICU
  • PEDI 6140 The Young Athlete
  • PEDI 6150 Transition to Adulthood
  • PEDI 6160 Pediatric Gait and Orthotics
  • PEDI 6170 Upper Extremity Orthotics Applications for the Pediatric Client
  • PEDI 6180 Pediatric Wheelchair Seating and Positioning


  • PEDI 7080 Pediatric Certification Exam