Dream of Being Your Own Boss?

Remember the good old days in physical therapy? Therapists counted on a stable industry with positive career growth and mobility.  PT graduates were paid a competitive salary that allowed them to pay off reasonable school loans in a realistic time frame. Being an entrepreneur was unheard of.

Good jobs were abundant in choice locations and specialties. Skilled therapists were allowed…

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Feeling Small and Insignificant?

Are you feeling a little bit small and insignificant? As competition for dwindling reimbursements and good jobs becomes more intense many therapists are feeling feeling undersized in the winner-take-all economy.

Mergers are happening–not just in private practice but up and down the healthcare spectrum. It seems that if you want your clinic to survive  you need to…

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Can Physical Therapists Replace Physicians as Primary Care Providers in Hospitals?

The doom-and-gloom futurists have got it wrong, I think. There will NOT be a doctor shortage of the magnitude predicted. If anything, the shortage of physical therapists will only increase.
Now, how do we square THAT circle for my private practice physical therapist brothers and sisters?

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