It is more than just harmful, it is wrong!

Frequently on this blog we have discussed the harms inflicted by over-imaging, over-surgerizing, and over-prescribing opioid medications in the management of musculoskeletal disorders.  We have also discussed how care pathways that focus on PT First reduce imaging, surgery, and drugs and result in lower health care costs.  First and foremost as a clinician and researcher I believe…

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Are Cash Practices Just For The Rich?

We live in a world that desparately needs our services.

Nearly 1/2 of the world’s population, 3 billion people, are living on less than $2.50 a day, with more than 1.3 billion of them dwelling in desperate poverty. According to UNICEP 22,000 thousand children die each day due to poverty. Many of the world’s…

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One Job Is Not Enough


If you’ve done any Google searches on marketing for physical therapists or participated in any online therapy discussions then you’ve probably noticed a movement taking shape. Everywhere you look, it seems like there are therapists embracing entrepreneurship, autonomy and lifestyle practice as never before.

Even recent therapy graduates, undeterred by huge amounts of student debt, are embarking…

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Dream of Being Your Own Boss?

Remember the good old days in physical therapy? Therapists counted on a stable industry with positive career growth and mobility.  PT graduates were paid a competitive salary that allowed them to pay off reasonable school loans in a realistic time frame. Being an entrepreneur was unheard of.

Good jobs were abundant in choice locations and specialties. Skilled therapists were allowed…

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Deeper Reflections from Manipalooza & “The Rollercoaster of Professional Life”

From my colleague Dr. John Zapanta

July 2014 will be my anniversary of practicing physical therapy for 2 years. May 2012, I gradu-ated with the most expensive thing I have ever owned – a piece of paper that said “Doctor of Physical Therapy”. Through the short but career shaping fruitful 2 years of being a “young pro-fessional”, I have…

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Reflections on Manipalooza 2014

Thanks to my colleague John Zapanta for sharing his reflections with the EIM community.
Last May from the 17th-19th the Colorado Physical Therapy Specialists (ColPTs) team closed its doors to attend “Manipalooza” an event held by Evidence in Motion (EIM) at the University of Colorado Denver. Manipalooza is a specialized physical therapy (PT) conference described as a “3-day…

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Visit the EIM Booth and Check Out EIM Faculty Presenting at the AAOMPT Conference this October

EIM is set to have a large presence at the upcoming American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists (AAOMPT) conference, which will take place October 16-20th, 2013 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

We will be giving attendees an opportunity to win a prize after stopping by our booth during the conference. Any attendee inquiring about EIM programs will be entered to…

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Placebo, Nocebo, and Expectations: Leveraging Positive Outcomes

As physical therapists, have we fully understood how we consciously or unconsciously shape patient expectations and thus influence outcomes through placebo (positive) or nocebo (negative) pathways? Have we internalized how our framing of patient problems and our resultant verbal and nonverbal clinical behavior influence patient outcomes? Perhaps most importantly, have we fully embraced placebos as an effective tool in our…

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Shining Light on Over Surgery- PT FIRST

It seems an appropriate day to be shining light on the drum beat of data that continues to show over utilization of surgery particularly when it comes to common orthopaedic conditions managed by physical therapists.   There has been a concerted effort by the NY Times and USA Today to expose consumers to this practice.  This week the USA Today published…

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