Beat Your BATNA: How to Negotiate Wise Agreements

Click here to view Beat Your BATNA: How to Negotiate Wise Agreements, which was published in the June 2013 edition of IMPACT (a publication from the Private Practice Section of the APTA) and authored by David Browder, PT, DPT, OCS.

David is a private practice member and Program Director for EIM’s Institute for Managerial Leadership and on faculty for…

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Oppose AB 1000 and CPTA BOD Actions

Physical therapy, especially outpatient private practice, is being threatened in California.  Unfortunately, our own leaders of the California Chapter of the APTA are a significant part of the problem.  Hundreds of therapists in CA and the Independent Physical Therapists of CA (iPT CA) are very concerned about the compromises in the current version of AB 1000.

This bill will grant…

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Can Physical Therapists Replace Physicians as Primary Care Providers in Hospitals?

The doom-and-gloom futurists have got it wrong, I think. There will NOT be a doctor shortage of the magnitude predicted. If anything, the shortage of physical therapists will only increase.
Now, how do we square THAT circle for my private practice physical therapist brothers and sisters?

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