Goodhart’s Law, the Cobra Effect, and Dunning-Kreuger

It happened again. I got caught in the black hole of web-surfing and the downward trundling of “oh, what’s that? That sounds interesting,” which led to a 4-hour adventure into interesting concepts and underlying psychologic phenomena. Enjoy!
Let’s start with a thought-provoking idea.
Have you ever considered how expectations or targets might influence our motives…

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We have some exciting news to share with you!

The companies you have come to rely upon for evidenced-based healthcare education are uniting under one brand for the good of PT, OT and all the healthcare professions we serve.

In January 2020, Evidence In Motion (EIM), International Spine and Pain Institute (ISPI), KinetaCore, and Neuro Recovery and Training Institute…

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It’s Time for PTs to Commandeer the National Spotlight

The I consider myself extremely fortunate to have found my particular career path, because I belong to a relatively small community of professionals who genuinely love the work that they do. Finding satisfaction and fulfillment in the workplace is difficult for many (Gallup actually estimates that more than half of US workers are “not engaged” at work), but I have…

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Bridging the PT Diversity Gap

This post was written with assistance from Dana Gundrum, WebPT’s Culture Captain.

Earlier this month, WebPT made a lot of people on Facebook very, very angry. Our goal wasn’t to purposefully incite anger, but we did want to incite a discussion—and we expected that some people might bring their anger and frustration to the table. Needless to…

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You Hurt Because You Are Fat

That feeling hit me like a brick.  That feeling I get when I’m asked to help a patient in the emergency department for constant unrelenting back pain and do a proper chart review only to find words like obesity, drug seeking behavior, chronic pain, moderate to severe central canal stenosis with neurogenic claudication, weakness, and neurosurgery consult.  Yes, that…

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Three Ways to Get The Most Out of The Align Conference

The Align Conference (@align_conf) is finally upon us.   This week, hundreds of rehab professionals will converge on downtown Denver for one of my favorite conferences of the year.  The location alone is awesome.  The conference will focus on topics such as neuropathic pain, radiculopathy, neurodynamics and calming a sensitized nervous system.  We are privileged to have Michel Coppieters and Michael…

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