How Many Patients Are Way Too Many?

Money is the topic most therapists find the hardest to examine.

Most therapists can trace their hang-ups about money to the fact that they’ve not reconciled two seemingly opposite concepts: profit and service.

For some, service is honorable and profit is evil.

For others in a service-oriented industry like healthcare, making a profit is a natural order…

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Millennials Are Ruining Everything…

If you haven’t heard it yet, let me be the first to tell you that millennials are apparently ruining everything. According to the internet, millennials are ruining cereal companies, the housing market, department stores, chain restaurants, and even the beloved fabric softener. By ruining, they mean to say that millennials just aren’t buying into, engaging with, or even…

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Why You Should Direct Mail Your Patients (But Not Like Your Dad)

All therapists need quality patients.

Every practice needs a way to attract new clients and retain happy ones.

Whether you’re in business for yourself or employed by someone else, you require a cost-effective marketing method that doesn’t take a lot of time.

If you’re interested in growing your practice by retaining lifelong patients then using direct…

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