A Critical Physical Therapy Skill-set for the 21st Century

There is a growing consensus that the days of patriarchal and guru approaches to medicine and therapy are no longer acceptable. And while they still may be practiced, they are still as ineffective as ever in creating a caring connection with your patient.  What’s the alternative?  Peter and many other leaders have stated that a coaching approach to leadership…

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Sustained Excellence- A Better Kind of Happiness

In Will Storr’s recent piece in the New Yorker he writes about emerging research on happiness.  Specifically he cites research that suggests that in individuals lacking eudaemonia, which is in essence a rational mind pursuing excellence, there is increased health risk.  The risk noted in gene expression in those lacking eudaemonia is suggested to be as damaging as smoking…

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Global PT Day of Service

The second annual Physical Therapy Day of Service (PTDOS) is set to take place on October 15, 2016. We hope this will be an event that happens 100 years from now where we see the PT profession and communities come together for a day of service to promote sustainable change around the world. In 2015, the inaugural PTDOS was a…

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Seeking Conscious Leaders: The Difference Between Confidence and Competence

As part of my quest to cultivate more conscious leadership and awareness in myself and at my company, I’ve started being more present, paying attention to my strengths and weaknesses, noticing the effects my actions have on others, intentionally responding to organizational changes, and finding other conscious leaders to join our team or accept additional responsibilities within it.


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Why Entrepreneurs Will Save Physical Therapy

The physical therapy profession benefits from a rich history of innovators and entrepreneurs. We all have been blessed by pioneers like Florence Kendall, Robin McKenzie, Shirley Sahrmann and many more. These therapy entrepreneurs(before entrepreneurship was hip) saw health problems in their patients and despite resistance created innovative ways to solve them.

The physical therapy profession exists to make a…

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