Stop Babysitting Your Patients!

Let me paint the picture for you.

There is a patient who is suffering from persistent lateral elbow pain.  He has had several injections to ease his pain.  None have really helped.  Now he is out of work due to the pain.

He was told to go see a physical therapist to have this condition addressed.

Awesome, right?


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A Little Love for Case Reports

Peer reviewed case reports have been a common study design published in the medical literature.  Although they are at the lower end of the levels of evidence pyramid, I still have gotten valuable information from a well written, peer reviewed case report.


As seen in the level of evidence pyramid, we often put high value on randomized control trials…

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ABPTRFE Policies Continue to Threaten Residency and Fellowship Programs – Will the APTA Do Something?

CSM 2019 was bustling with more than 16,500 PTs, PTAs and students.  The Walter E. Washington Convention Center was packed with PT professionals wanting to progress their careers through educational sessions, networking and Academy/Section events.  The halls were filled with conversations regarding our profession and there was one that seemed to be the loudest: the American Board of…

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My New Year’s Wish

With the New Year here, my wish for the upcoming year is to see better integration between researchers, clinicians, and patients. While there are times that each of these worlds have come together to function as one, many times, they are far apart and working in their own little separate space.

We see research that has little to no clinical…

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