ABPTRFE Policies Continue to Threaten Residency and Fellowship Programs – Will the APTA Do Something?

CSM 2019 was bustling with more than 16,500 PTs, PTAs and students.  The Walter E. Washington Convention Center was packed with PT professionals wanting to progress their careers through educational sessions, networking and Academy/Section events.  The halls were filled with conversations regarding our profession and there was one that seemed to be the loudest: the American Board of…

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My New Year’s Wish

With the New Year here, my wish for the upcoming year is to see better integration between researchers, clinicians, and patients. While there are times that each of these worlds have come together to function as one, many times, they are far apart and working in their own little separate space.

We see research that has little to no clinical…

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Black Friday & Happiness

Black Friday… that’s what today is.

What is it about Black Friday that keeps the tradition alive? Is it scouring ads and discussing with family or friends the best deals? Is it the planning of where to go when? Is it the excitement of shopping – finding the item, waiting in line and bagging the deal? Is it the hunt…

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It is the Package

Gary Greenberg published an excellent piece in the New York Times magazine entitled “What if the Placebo Effect Isn’t a Trick”?

This well researched essay walks us through the history of the placebo effect, our current scientific understandings, and what effect these might have on western medicine. He describes the recent conference of the Society for Interdisciplinary Placebo Studies…

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To Catch a Predator – PT Version

Halloween has come and past, however it seems that there is still a “spookiness” in the air.   Word on the street is that manual therapy can raise the dead.

For those that have seen the recent issue of JOSPT probably have seen the editorial published by our friends Chad Cook, Josh Cleland and Paul Mintken.  The title: “Manual Therapy Cures…

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Allostasis: Stability Through Change

Could life be as simple as ‘fall down 7 times and get up 8?’

The International Psychogeriatrics Journal published an article describing the commonalities in people between the ages of 90 and 101. Their common traits include stubbornness, optimism, a domineering streak, and a bond with a higher power, family, and the land. These psychosocial traits complement the behavioral traits…

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Therapeutic Alliance: Start With Why

Do you strive on a daily basis to improve your therapeutic alliance with your patients?

Do you try to form stronger relationships with your patients, physician referral sources, and co-workers?

A hot topic in healthcare has been this idea of therapeutic alliance.  Research has mentioned this as being a key in our delivery of positive patient outcomes.  In 2010…

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The Danger of Sedentary Behavior and What to do About It

You have probably heard the statement “sitting is the new smoking”. However, are you aware of the magnitude of sedentary behavior among our patients?

Are we doing anything about it?

What should we be doing?

Magnitude of the issue
Since 9 hours of sedentary time is associated with increased morbidity, disability, and mortality it is very concerning that adults…

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