The Importance of Self-Efficacy

The current healthcare system functions within a behavioral model premised on the biopsychosocial theory (BPS Theory). Yet, all healthcare disciplines observe a narrow application of the BPS Theory. One specific challenge within the physical therapy discipline is the historical instruction to be psychologically informed. The suggestion to be psychologically informed parallels the criticized reductionistic approach of the Cartesian model of…

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How To Declutter Your Mind

Breathtaking changes in healthcare are leaving many of us with a nagging lack of confidence. PT, OT and SLP are developing so quickly that I always feel one step behind.

Robert Kegan’s book, In Over Our Heads, captures the distinct impression I get when I talk to therapists from all over the country. Regardless of our work setting, the…

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8 Benefits of Gratitude

What is Gratitude?

There are two key elements to gratitude. The first is an affirmation of goodness. The other is a recognition and affirmation of sources outside ourselves.

The Benefits

If you Google the evidence or benefits of gratitude, the following seven items will show up in several articles, each elaborating on the details in various ways:

Opens doors to…

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Be Grateful, Not Hateful

This past weekend the basketball team at my alma mater Nebraska took a united stand against hatred, racism, and violence. “Hate will never win” was on the T-shirts worn by the Huskers before and during the game. The athletes and coaches unified message was in response to white nationalist videos that surfaced earlier that week by a UNL student…

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