Black Friday & Happiness

Black Friday… that’s what today is.

What is it about Black Friday that keeps the tradition alive? Is it scouring ads and discussing with family or friends the best deals? Is it the planning of where to go when? Is it the excitement of shopping – finding the item, waiting in line and bagging the deal? Is it the hunt…

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When Pain Education Isn’t Enough

Although I truly appreciate all the work that has been done in the pain sciences world, it still isn’t enough to help guide our clinical decision making process.

I have unanswered questions: which patients are the best candidates for pain education? How soon should a change occur? How much of a change is enough to warrant a positive response…

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Lazy Language is De-izing Our Profession

De-izes…. The first time I heard this combination of sounds was with the word “dehumanizes.”  Lazy language dehumanizes patients.  One example that I recall was Room 220, Bed 2. A few other examples include “the knee patient,” “the stroke patient,” “the gunshot wound.” Over time, the lazy language that dehumanized patients was replaced with words that put the patient…

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Insurance Oversight On Roids

Fourteen years ago I made the executive decision to specialize in geriatrics. This decision wasn’t made lightly. I considered not only the patient population, but also the business side of things. For example, that population would have huge growth requiring access to care. These individuals also deserved to have access to care to professionals who specialized and understood their…

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As I reflect on 2016, so many memories flood into my brain. For me, 2016 has been a year of many struggles. I think the most frequent comment I heard this year, “things aren’t easy for you,” or “life is just a struggle.”

I am more grateful than anyone knows for failing after being accountable and planning ahead for…

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