8 Benefits of Gratitude

What is Gratitude?

There are two key elements to gratitude. The first is an affirmation of goodness. The other is a recognition and affirmation of sources outside ourselves.

The Benefits

If you Google the evidence or benefits of gratitude, the following seven items will show up in several articles, each elaborating on the details in various ways:

Opens doors to…

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Key To Renewal and Connection: Learn To Ride The Empathy Cycle

Physical therapists, despite our relatively high-level of job satisfaction, are experiencing increasing amount stress just like every other health care provider. We are also increasingly vulnerable to it’s adverse effects.

Unless you have a strategy to proactively manage the stress that comes from caring for patients with needs as well as dealing with needy people, you’re going…

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6 Ways to Maximize Your Learning

I think most people agree that active learning is the best approach to acquiring new knowledge and skills, regardless of learning style. I also think most people don’t take specific actions to take in order to actively learn, much less know what they are.  While that’s important to everyone, it’s especially important to students in first professional…

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A Critical Physical Therapy Skill-set for the 21st Century

There is a growing consensus that the days of patriarchal and guru approaches to medicine and therapy are no longer acceptable. And while they still may be practiced, they are still as ineffective as ever in creating a caring connection with your patient.  What’s the alternative?  Peter and many other leaders have stated that a coaching approach to leadership…

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