We Have to Break Up

We have all been there:  the relationship that once was, is now not.  The time has come for the painfully awkward conversation surrounding “the break-up.”  We can all attest to these feelings when it comes to this.  Given the recent media buzz about the #Brangelina break-up, this post will dive into the PT-patient break-up.

Many have…

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Are We Truly Movement Experts?

My mind has been churning after a stellar weekend attending Manipalooza.  It was a great time of learning and practicing techniques, socializing and catching up with good friends and colleagues.  As many of us can attest, Jeff Moore’s (@jeffmooredpt) daily periscopes can really get you pumped up about a topic.  While at Manipalooza, Jeff and I (among others) talked…

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I Have Failed.

I was reading an interesting blog article posted by Dr. Andrew Bennett (@Bennettab) several weeks ago discussing how to foster grit in your children and it got me thinking about failure and how we respond to failure.  I actually hate the word failure; it has such a negative connotation to it that whenever I see and hear people talk of…

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