Pain Neuroscience “Communication” vs. Pain Neuroscience Education

Align 2019 in Denver was another great experience with almost 400 health care providers networking and learning more about pain. The presentations had nugget after nugget of great information to advance our care for those with pain. If you did not make it, check out #align2019 for a recap of some of the great tweets. Also consider coming next year…

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My New Year’s Wish

With the New Year here, my wish for the upcoming year is to see better integration between researchers, clinicians, and patients. While there are times that each of these worlds have come together to function as one, many times, they are far apart and working in their own little separate space.

We see research that has little to no clinical…

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Who Cares Anymore?

The impetus for this blog post came from reading an article in Pain Medicine – “Care” without Compassion – The Eighth Social Sin? I think it raises important points and questions in regards to providing “care” for those suffering from pain.

As the article points out in today’s world, the word “care” is freely attached to almost anything and everything in…

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Provide Care for Patients Like a Fox Not a Hedgehog

Pain, especially persistent pain, is complex and usually a multifactorial problem. Because it is multifactorial and having a number of factors and causes involved it is very rare a single intervention will solve it. Sure, we will hear the stories from individuals who report that a single intervention was what fixed their back pain or fibromyalgia symptoms – just read the…

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“It’s Going To Be Okay.”

When teaching weekend courses we often refer to this statement as some of the most powerful words in medicine. The ability to deliver reassurance to our patient that things are going to be okay can have a powerful effect on their outcome. As with everything that can have a powerful effect, that effect can be positive or negative depending on…

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“That’s the thing that scares me the most, is that I don’t know if it’s ever going to stop.”

“That’s the thing that scares me the most, is that I don’t know if it’s ever going to stop.” Is a great line from one of my favorite YouTube short film clips: It’s Not About the Nail. But the phrase also applies to my own worries about our constant attempt to so easily blame a weak…

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