Clinical Podcast: Pelvic Health Isn’t Just For Pelvic PTs | Dr. Jennifer Stone

On this week’s Clinical Podcast episode, Mark Shepherd is joined by Dr. Jennifer Stone! She discusses how she got into pelvic health physical therapy, some of the common issues she sees in her clinic, and how each clinician, no matter their specialty, can work to identify pelvic issues with their patients.

Jennifer Stone is a physical therapist with 10…

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Clinical Podcast: Collision Course with Pain Reframed | Dr. Tim Flynn and Dr. Jeff Moore

John has spent a lot of time on a plane recently, so our friends over at the Pain Reframed podcast stepped up to join Mark this week! Tim Flynn and Jeff Moore, two of the Pain Reframed co-hosts, and Mark discuss how our social structure affects us as providers and its influence on our patient encounters.

Dr. Tim Flynn…

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Clinical Podcast: Healthcare Education and Innovation | Dr. Mike Wong

This week’s episode of the Clinical Podcast is all about innovation! John Childs and Mark Shepherd are joined by Dr. Mike Wong, an associate professor at Azusa Pacific University. Mike is also the co-founder of the rehab platform PhysioU. He, Mark, and John discuss the disconnect between research and clinical practice, why it’s such a major issue…

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Clinical Podcast: From Clinician to Leader | Dr. Jason Silvernail

This week, we’re welcoming Jason Silvernail to the Clinical Podcast! Jason is a physical therapist with over 20 years of experience, most of which has been spent in the U.S. Army. Currently, he’s the Assistant Chief of Staff at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. He, Mark, and John discuss how he ended up there, where they think…

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Clinical Podcast: PT, Nursing, and Primary Care | Dr. Jamie Lee

This week on the Clinical Podcast, we’re joined by Dr. Jamie Lee! Jamie graduated with his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Marquette University, then pursued an orthopaedic residency. However, while practicing as a PT, he returned to school and got his nursing degree. Jamie, Mark, and John discuss how his unique background has influenced how he treats his patients…

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Clinical Podcast: PT in the Emergency Room | Dr. Carleen Jogodka

On this week’s Clinical Podcast, John Childs and Mark Shepherd are joined by Dr. Carleen Jogodka, a physical therapist practicing in the Emergency Department. They discuss what it’s like to be a PT in the ED, why physical therapy can work in the ED, and how PTs can help fight opioid addiction by serving as a primary care…

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Clinical Podcast: Is Residency Worth It? | Dr. Zac Morgan

This week, we’re following up with a former guest, Zac Morgan! Zac reflects on his experience with EIM’s residency, the impact that it’s had on his career, and why it was worth the investment, both financially and professionally.

Dr. Zac Morgan is a board-certified orthopaedic specialist and graduate of the Evidence In Motion Orthopaedic Physical Therapy…

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Clinical Podcast: Burnout in PT | Dr. Brooke Janicky

We’re thrilled to welcome another member of the EIM family, Dr. Brooke Janicky, to the EIM Clinical Podcast! Brooke is our Co-Director of Accredited Programming as well as a practicing clinician, and she’s been active in the APTA since her student days.

This week, she, John, and Mark talk about an unsettling trend in the PT industry…

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Clinical Podcast: Hybrid Learning and the Future of DPT Education | Dr. Kendra Gagnon

This week, we’re welcoming Dr. Kendra Gagnon to the Clinical Podcast! A pediatric physical therapist by trade, Kendra is the Director of Student Affairs at Baylor University and the co-director of the Hybrid Learning certificate from Evidence In Motion. She discusses her passion for hybrid learning, what hybrid education means for DPT programs, and why this model has…

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Clinical Podcast: Is ABPTRFE Killing Residencies and Fellowships? | Dr. Mark Shepherd

We have some exciting news on the EIM Clinical Podcast this week: Dr. Mark Shepherd is joining us as our new co-host with Dr. John Childs! We’re grateful for all of Jeff Moore’s hard work over the past couple years, and he will still be working with us by hosting our Pain Reframed podcast.

This week, Mark…

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