Clinical Podcast: How To Do Private Practice RIGHT | Maggie Henjum

If you’re thinking about opening a physical therapy private practice that serves a niche market and has an organic feel, today’s episode is for you! We welcome Maggie Henjum from Motion Minnesota to the EIM Clinical Podcast!

Maggie has had incredible success starting a private practice and watching it grow to multiple locations in a relatively short amount…

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Clinical Podcast: Creating a Culture of Excellence with Dr. Bill Koch

Dr. Bill Koch joins us on the EIM Clinical Podcast! Bill has been a leader in physical therapy education and is known for taking principles in advanced training and working them into a system to create a culture of excellence that has created a huge ROI. Bill will discuss how you can develop and maintain that type of culture we…

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Clinical Podcast: Treating Police Officers and Saving City Millions | Daniel Jonte

This is an episode we’ve been waiting for, for quite some time! Our guest is also someone you’ve been asking for: Daniel Jonte! Daniel is a physical therapist for the Denver Police. This is a HUGE encouragement in the world of physical therapy and something we hope will be part of our future as PTs. There was an…

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Clinical Podcast: Millennials are Here to Stay | Dr. Brooke Janicky

This week, we welcome Dr. Brooke Janicky to the EIM Clinical Podcast. Brooke had a significant involvement in the APTSA, while a DPT student at the University of St. Augustine. She’s now in private practice, done her manual therapy certification, and will be joining the Evidence in Motion team!

Brooke, John, and Jeff will be discussing her experience in…

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Clinical Podcast: A Legend in Physical Therapy | Barb Stevens

We have a LEGEND in the profession of physical therapy this week: Barb Stevens. While Barb has had a bit of a “quiet career,” her impact has been profound in the world of clinical reasoning and fellowship training. Barb has a lot of experience as a PT in the adoption of manual therapy within the profession, the growth of fellowship…

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Clinical Podcast: The Value of Receiving Critical Feedback | Dr. Joe Signorino

Dr. Joseph Signorino joins us on the EIM Clinical Podcast! Joe, Jeff, and John discuss some insights on the way Joe is developing his students in his program, what he’s currently doing clinically, thoughts on persistent pain, and clinical reasoning and the value of receiving critical feedback.

Dr. Signorino is an assistant clinical professor in the Health, Human Function…

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Clinical Podcast: Truly Become an Expert Before Teaching | Dr. Casey Unverzagt

We are joined, this week on the EIM Clinical Podcast, by Dr. Casey Unverzagt. Casey is an Assistant Professor and the Director of Admissions for Baylor University’s DPT program. He works as a staff physical therapist at Wise Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine in Slippery Rock, PA. He also currently teaches for Scorebuilders and Evidence in Motion.



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Clinical Podcast: Tiering Providers and Clinics Based on Quality | Matt Condon

We welcome back Matt Condon, CEO of Bardavon Health Innovations, back to the EIM Clinical Podcast. Matt joined us last year on episode 33 to discuss how Bardavon is helping to shift the payment environment from “fee for service” to more of a “fee for performance.” Bardavon’s goal is to fuel the evolution of the Workers’ Compensation industry through…

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Clinical Podcast: Work-Life Balance with Dr. Stephanie Pascoe

We are so excited to welcome Dr. Stephanie Pascoe to the EIM Clinical Podcast. Stephanie is a physical therapist, involved, not only with her patients, but also with the educational side of entry-level, post-professional, residency and fellowships. She’s involved with Evidence In Motion, working in a number of crucial roles.

Stephanie is also a working mom and…

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Clinical Podcast: Get Your Community Moving | Dr. Chris Hinze

You may already know the name Chris Hinze and associate it with biking to work or even walking to the grocery store as Chris’s mission is to get people utilizing “active transportation.” He’s doing everything in his power to encourage his community to move as much as possible throughout the day. Dr. Hinze also helps older adults to…

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