Clinical Podcast: Positive Psychology and Physical Therapy with Dr. Todd Bourgeois

This week, we are joined by Dr. Todd Bourgeois to discuss positive psychology and how it can help with patients and practitioners in physical therapy. Todd has quite the background, ranging from growing up on a hay farm, to working in orthopaedic and sports physical therapy, to participating as a contestant on American Ninja Warrior, to now being a full…

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Clinical Podcast: Evidence of Back Pain Treatment with Dr. Mark Hancock

This week, we are joined by Dr. Mark Hancock from Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. Dr. Hancock is a prolific researcher who recently teamed up with other authors on a paper on best management practices of low-back pain as well as what the evidence says and what it doesn’t support.

Mark, John, and Jeff will be discussing that…

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Clinical Podcast: Clock Yourself with Meggen Lowry

This week, we have the developer of the Clock Yourself App, Meggen Lowry, from Brisbane, Australia, on the EIM Clinical Podcast!

Meg is a physiotherapist at Next Step Physio and tackles the undesirable conditions that we commonly associate with aging: dementia, falls, osteoporosis (and associated fractures), incontinence and prolapse. Clock Yourself is Meg’s flagship software application, and it represents…

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Clinical Podcast: Preventing Injuries with Ash James

Is there a time coming where Physios will be looking at managing workplaces the same way we’ve traditionally been managing ball clubs?

We are talking with Ashley (Ash) James, who brings a perspective from the UK and also a focus on preventing injuries rather than just treating injuries. Our discussion today covers what types of prevention Ash is going…

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Clinical Podcast: Golf and Physical Therapy with Jeremy Smith

This week, we get to dive into the niche of physical therapy and golf! Dr. Jeremy Smith joins Dr. Jeff Moore and Dr. John Childs to discuss this niche. Jeremy, in additional to his physical therapy training, received a certification in golf fitness from the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) so he can help return all individuals, athletes and non-athletes…

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Clinical Podcast: Telehealth in Physical Therapy with Rob Vining

Telehealth can be a bit polarized within the PT profession. Many PT’s see Telehealth as lazy or not useful to patients, etc. However, Rob Vining of and the PT Tech Talk Podcast joins us this week on the EIM Clinical Podcast to share the amazing benefits that Telehealth has for patients and practitioners. The discussion with Rob…

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Clinical Podcast: True Sincerity in Developing Relationships | Dr. Mark Shepherd

One of the most important parts of the Evidence in Motion culture is developing incredible relationships with true sincerity and authenticity. The goal is to create mutually beneficial relationships that move each other, as well as the mission, forward.

We’ve discussed mentorship quite a bit on this podcast. It’s much easier said than done. Truly great mentorship is…

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Clinical Podcast: Mentorship of Young Clinicians with Dr. Julie Whitman

Dr. Julie Whitman joins the EIM Clinical Podcast this week! Julie is one of the leaders at Evidence In Motion as Director of the EIM Manual Therapy Fellowship Program and has been with EIM since almost the beginning!

Dr. John Childs, Dr. Jeff Moore, and Dr. Whitman will be discussing the experiences in the EIM Fellowship Program as well as…

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Clinical Podcast: Pursuing Excellence in PT Education with Dr. Tim Noteboom

Dr. Tim Noteboom joins the EIM Clinical Podcast, this week, to discuss how he pursues excellence in himself and in his students in bringing forth some of the best PT students and, thus, physical therapists. Dr. Noteboom oversees the development of the blended learning curriculum that EIM develops for its entry-level DPT and PTA academic partner institutions.

Tim is…

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Clinical Podcast: Accessed Care for Pediatric Patients with Dr. Kendra Gagnon

Dr. Kendra Gagnon joins the EIM Clinical Podcast this week! Dr. Gagnon is a pediatric therapist by background and currently on faculty in the hybrid DPT Program at Baylor University. Kendra is very passionate about accessed care for pediatric patients and delivering healthcare to families where they live rather than in artificial environments.

John, Jeff, and Kendra discuss Kendra’s…

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