The Cuddle Hormone: The Little Known Secret in the Stress-Response

Anyone who has taken coursework on teaching patients about pain, has undoubtedly heard about the “Lion in the Room” or similar story.  We talk at length about the effects of a state of prolonged sympathetic response for those of our patients living in chronic pain.  They are constantly in “fight or flight” mode, living with altered levels of adrenaline and…

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Hope, Goals and Jimmy Fallon

I heard a great story from a patient of mine last week. It’s great because it involves my absolute favorite celebrity on the planet: Jimmy Fallon. It’s also great because as the patient and I talked pain neuroscience education (PNE), his story wove right into a point I was trying to make with him, and one I think…

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Boundaries Required: Empathy’s Not Empathy Without ‘Em

When you hear the word boundaries, what comes to mind? Teenagers and toddlers pushing limits? That friend who wants to borrow your trailer again? The extra hours you work because of unwritten rules for assuring high marks on your performance review? That patient with the perfect excuse for not finishing his/her homework?

As PTs, we generally are very nice…

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