EIM Inside Leadership Podcast: Relating to the Vicissitudes of Life

There are always “storms” and the “not-so-storms” that seem to blow through our lives without our permission. These storms may bring praise and blame, gain and loss, pleasure and pain, and/or fame and disrepute. These “storms” are called the Vicissitudes of Life. They’re part of our humanity and they do arise.

Dr. Daphne Scott talks about…

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EIM Inside Leadership Podcast: How to Burn Out Your Team

Watching people try to multitask is a pretty fun thing to do. Especially at meetings. You’ve already heard Daphne say that it’s impossible to multitask. It’s actually, instead, called task-switching, which is a HUGE cognitive cost. That leads to lack of efficiency and effective results.

But here’s the question: are YOU, as a leader, multitasking…

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EIM Inside Leadership Podcast: Necessarily Ending Things

What’s one way to overwhelm yourself?

It’s to try to keep everything going when your main priority is getting squeezed.

This week’s discussion is about impermanence and necessary endings. It comes from Dr. Daphne Scott’s other podcast: The Super Fantastic Leadership Show. Her discussion with Marta Wilmes is about when it’s time to necessarily end…

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EIM Inside Leadership Podcast: How to Collaborate and Have Fun at Work

Dr. Daphne Scott is on location in San Antonio, TX with Dr. Rob Wainner, Daphne’s chief collaborator at Confluent Health. They have both had the privilege of working together in teams and with some other great people (even just this week doing some massive collaboration)!

Our topic and discussion today centers around collaboration and how to collaborate in a…

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EIM Inside Leadership Podcast: Authentic Leadership

This week, we’re discussing authenticity in leadership. We’ll talk about what it is and also what it isn’t. It may be a surprise to know that authenticity isn’t just your social media profile or telling people your opinions. Interestingly, authenticity goes much deeper and is more holistic than what we typically think.

Authenticity tends to include…

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EIM Inside Leadership Podcast: The Greatest Risk You’ll Ever Take

What is the greatest risk that you will ever take?




Listening has so many benefits from enjoying music, laughter, and birds chirping to discerning one’s perspective and meaning to being open to your own perspective and beliefs possibly changing. Listening can help us to save time and money. It can help us to learn and gain…

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EIM Inside Leadership Podcast: Are You Turning Self-Care Into Self-Criticism?

We know how important it is to take care of ourselves (self-care), but what about when it goes as far as becoming self-criticism? That’s obviously not healthy for any of us. Extremes are bad. Not taking care of yourself is as bad as going too far, trying to live up to some unrealistic expectation with your health…

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EIM Inside Leadership Podcast: How NOT To Give Someone Advice: Part 2

We’re continuing our discussion from last week on how not to give someone advice. I think we’ve learned one HUGE thing:

Don’t give others advice.

Unless they come to you and ask for it, of course.

Last week, we learned all about the reasons why not to give someone else advice (and the understanding of our own…

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EIM Inside Leadership Podcast: How NOT To Give Someone Advice

As promised, here’s the episode we talked about last week: how NOT to give someone advice. Wow, this is a tough scenario for many of us, whether being an advice giver or recipient of someone else’s advice.

It’s easy for us to say – “I’ve got the solution!” But rarely does that ever end well. Why? Because…

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EIM Inside Leadership Podcast: 4 Things I Wish I Would’ve Said to Patients

It’s interesting when you look back at treating patients and start to wonder what you could’ve done and said differently. Sometimes, things can get in the way of doing, what we think would, really, be better. Things like getting caught up in being technically proficient, looking for the magic pill (patients did this as well), we don’t…

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