Goodhart’s Law, the Cobra Effect, and Dunning-Kreuger

It happened again. I got caught in the black hole of web-surfing and the downward trundling of “oh, what’s that? That sounds interesting,” which led to a 4-hour adventure into interesting concepts and underlying psychologic phenomena. Enjoy!
Let’s start with a thought-provoking idea.
Have you ever considered how expectations or targets might influence our motives…

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Turning on the Lights

Enjoy this Clinical Pearl written by KinetaCore Faculty Member, Chris Juneau, PT, DPT, SCS, CSCS

Picture this: You did exactly what you wanted! You made great use of your training course and safely dry needled your first patient. It was flawless, and you made a change. The patient felt it and you saw it. In the midst of imaginary jump…

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