Direct Access to Physical Therapists Can Reduce the Physician Shortage

Think physical therapists' patients have it rough because they don't have direct access to our services? State laws preventing direct access to physical therapist services still exist in four states:

Mississippi and

But, this recent article in The Atlantic by John Rowe, MD and professor at Columbia University exposes the plight of nurses…

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Can Physical Therapists Replace Physicians as Primary Care Providers in Hospitals?

The doom-and-gloom futurists have got it wrong, I think. There will NOT be a doctor shortage of the magnitude predicted. If anything, the shortage of physical therapists will only increase.
Now, how do we square THAT circle for my private practice physical therapist brothers and sisters?

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Making a Difference with Integrity

The EIM community is full of physical therapists that are passionate about making a difference. Whether that happens one on one with a patient, by participating in patient centered research, by promoting our profession, or by advocating for doing the right thing, we collectively are making a difference.  There are times when we need to give a shout out to…

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Education to Avoid Harm

Kudos to the team at JOSPT and the just released November Special issue on the topics surrounding the use of MRI in musculoskeletal care. Led by Guest Editor Dr. Jim Elliott this issue is a must read for physical therapists practicing in musculoskeletal care.   It is well known that appropriate use of imaging can be invaluable in low back pain…

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Questions You Should Ask

A new study (Abstract Available Here) just published in the journal Health Services Research explores the question of whether physician ownership of an MRI increases the number of scans performed and more importantly does it result in increased surgical rates.  The study looked at both Orthopedic Surgeons and primary care physicians who begin billing for the performance of MRI procedures…

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What Would You Say?

You have been asked to join spine surgical rounds.  The surgeons are having a frank discussion about the rising rates of spinal fusions.  They note that there are no clear indications for this surgery, it is a gray area, and they probably do it too often.
So, then they turn to you and ask “Who do you think needs a…

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