Clinical Podcast: Pelvic Health Isn’t Just For Pelvic PTs | Dr. Jennifer Stone

On this week’s Clinical Podcast episode, Mark Shepherd is joined by Dr. Jennifer Stone! She discusses how she got into pelvic health physical therapy, some of the common issues she sees in her clinic, and how each clinician, no matter their specialty, can work to identify pelvic issues with their patients.

Jennifer Stone is a physical therapist with 10 years of experience in an outpatient orthopaedic setting. She has been a member of the EIM family for many years. She was one of our first Orthopaedic Physical Therapy residents and is now a faculty member and Program Director for our Pelvic Health Certification. She is also a frequent contributor to our blog, where she shares her passion for bridging pelvic health physical therapy with the wider field of orthopaedic physical therapy.


Twitter – @EIMTeam

Jennifer’s posts for the Evidence In Motion blog


If you think your community could benefit from having a pelvic health physical therapy provider, check out our Pelvic Health Certification!

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