Clinical Podcast: Healthcare Education and Innovation | Dr. Mike Wong

This week’s episode of the Clinical Podcast is all about innovation! John Childs and Mark Shepherd are joined by Dr. Mike Wong, an associate professor at Azusa Pacific University. Mike is also the co-founder of the rehab platform PhysioU. He, Mark, and John discuss the disconnect between research and clinical practice, why it’s such a major issue in the physical therapy field, and some of their solutions for how to solve this.

Dr. Michael Wong, PT, DPT, O.C.S., FAAOMPT, began teaching as an assistant professorĀ at Azusa Pacific University in 2005. He also continues to practice at the Loma Linda University Medical Center Orthopaedic Outpatient Clinic. His company, PhysioU, is the global leader in online rehabilitation education. He and his team at PhysioU are dedicated to bridging the gap between evidence-based research and connecting it to clinical practice using the latest technology.


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