Clinical Podcast: From Clinician to Leader | Dr. Jason Silvernail

This week, we’re welcoming Jason Silvernail to the Clinical Podcast! Jason is a physical therapist with over 20 years of experience, most of which has been spent in the U.S. Army. Currently, he’s the Assistant Chief of Staff at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. He, Mark, and John discuss how he ended up there, where they think the PT industry is heading, and what they see as some of our profession’s biggest concerns.

Dr. Silvernail joined the Army ROTC after high school and while he was attending Scranton University, he dislocated his kneecap during training. The physical therapy treatment he received after that injury ignited a love for the profession, which eventually led him to pursue his DPT from Scranton in 2006 and a fellowship with Baylor University in 2010. He has been stationed abroad multiple times, including deployments to Egypt and Afghanistan. He is dedicated to serving his fellow soldiers and their families.


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3 responses to “Clinical Podcast: From Clinician to Leader | Dr. Jason Silvernail

  1. Julie Whitman says:

    Jason – Thanks for recording this interview. Your insights were thoughtful, and your overall viewpoint shows wisdom and humble leadership. I particularly enjoyed your thoughts on trends in PT, in particular on manual therapy and pain neuroscience education. Thanks again, Julie

  2. Dr. Silvernail, I appreciated your discussion of leadership and mentoring by connecting with others and sharing a unique perspective that may allow interested leaders to self-select your mentorship. My question is : how do you do this without creating division by having the “meeting after the meeting” with some but not all of the meeting participants?

  3. Jason Silvernail says:

    Thank you very much!

    Good question. I rotate the participants and I look for junior level people who report to me to start with or with whom I’ve had previous discussions. I also make clear that everyone is welcome and often they will pull a colleague in as we step out.

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