Clinical Podcast: You Can Have Strength of Size AND Retain Autonomy | Jim Hoyme and Scott Darling

We have Jim Hoyme and Scott Darling from Therapy Partners, Inc. (TPI) with us on the EIM Clinical Podcast this week! Dr. John Childs and Dr. Jeff Moore talk with Jim and Scott about their methodologies, some of their business metrics, the strategies they use to grow leadership, and how they’ve been able to continue to grow and thrive with TPI.

Therapy Partners serves independent therapy practices as a Management Services Organization (MSO). They are one of the few true MSOs for therapy practices in the US. TPI has 16 years of experience as an MSO, and they deliver Triple Aim Value to member practices, their patients, health plans, and accountable care organizations (ACOs). Their mission is to grow a strong network of high value-focused independent therapy practices within their MSO and ensure that their members attain long term strength, stability, and success in the changing health care market.



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