Clinical Podcast: Timing of Care, Outcomes, and Burnout | Dr. Tom Denninger

We had such a great response to our previous episode with Dr. Tom Denninger, that we decided to bring him back on to the EIM Clinical Podcast! On episode 75, Tom shared his role in clinical development with ATI and utilizing data to work with clinicians to improve outcomes.

In today’s part 2 episode with Tom, we discuss timing of care and how much it influences outcomes, as well as the results of some of the data that Tom and his team are finding within this topic. We’ll also discuss how outcomes influence burnout. It’s an excellent conversation and we’re excited to share it with you!

Tom is the Regional Director for Clinical Excellence at ATI Physical Therapy. ATI’s APTA accredited Residency and Fellowship Programs offer physical therapists the opportunity to interact and train with leading clinicians, educators, and researchers in the field of physical therapy. The program’s goal is to train top notch medical providers to become an integral part of a multi-disciplinary team, assisting patients in returning to their full potential.



2 responses to “Clinical Podcast: Timing of Care, Outcomes, and Burnout | Dr. Tom Denninger

  1. Todd Perry, PT says:

    I am in the last semester of my t-DPT and for my final project I am putting together a plan for early access to PT for spinal pain at my place of employment. Could you share some of your articles or references related to timing of care?
    Thanks, Todd

    1. Tom Denninger says:

      Shoot me an email at [email protected].

      Happy to help

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