Millennials Are Ruining Everything…

If you haven’t heard it yet, let me be the first to tell you that millennials are apparently ruining everything. According to the internet, millennials are ruining cereal companies, the housing market, department stores, chain restaurants, and even the beloved fabric softener. By ruining, they mean to say that millennials just aren’t buying into, engaging with, or even shopping at the same places their parents and grandparents did.

Should business owners be afraid that millennials are going to “ruin” their physical therapy practices as well?

Did you know that millennials are expected to surpass Baby Boomers as the nation’s largest living adult generation in 2019? Let’s face it, many of your patients, therapists, technicians, and front desk staff were probably born between 1981 and 1996, which makes them millennials. How can we attract and manage this age group as patients? I think in the physical therapy world we have been focused on our millennial employees, but not so much on the millennial patient. Although we shouldn’t be thinking about millennial patients and employees much differently, the strategies do have to be slightly altered. We can look at three needs of most millennials which are connection, convenience, and transparency.


This age group craves authentic connections that turn into lifelong relationships not only with people, but also brands. Millennials are also one of the most brand loyal generations you will find, but you have to meet them where they are. Sorry for those who are not tech-savvy, but connection usually starts online. You already know this, but you should be actively using social media for your clinic and making sure that your website is mobile friendly. But, do your therapists have a way to text their patients to check in, have digital access to their HEP, or can patients schedule online in real time? Connection also comes from trusting others, so you better believe this patient group is looking at your reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook.


The need for convenience should not to be confused with laziness. Millennials are no longer 9-5 kind of workers. They are looking for flexibility and convenience in every aspect of their lives, but this goes along with the fact that approximately 42% of millennials have a side hustle outside of their full-time job.

These patients do not want to come to your clinic 2-3x per week for 12 weeks if not absolutely necessary. They also want early mornings, later nights, lunch time, and even weekend options to go with their flexible work schedules. Does your state allow for telehealth? Many millennials are opting for quick and convenient online appointments with their physicians and will be looking for the same from physical therapist.


You can guarantee as soon as their hip started to hurt or their physician handed them a prescription for physical therapy, the millennial patient started to Google and ask questions. They might end up at your clinic having read 5 different articles on conservative management of their rotator cuff tear, or they might have had 8 different people respond to their tweet that their physical therapist just did passive treatments and they never got better. They will be looking for evidence based reasoning behind your treatments and patient education with full disclosure is the best way to go.

Honestly, these are probably things all of your patients will appreciate, not just the millennial ones. But, if you don’t want millennials to “ruin” your practice, it is time to update your standards and meet the soon to be largest living generation where they are. Oh, and don’t forget our participation trophies.



Brooke Janicky, PT, DPT, OCS is EIM’s Orthopaedic Residency Program Director and a proud millennial herself. This blog post is meant to offer a light-hearted view of generational stereotypes we all face everyday. Contact us at [email protected] for more information on our educational offerings.

2 responses to “Millennials Are Ruining Everything…

  1. Andrew Grant says:

    Hi Brooke, do you happen to have a reference for the statement that “Millennials are also one of the most brand loyal generations you will find”? We are currently in the midst of strategizing for changes to our social media and marketing at our clinic and your article came up. There was some disagreement about the veracity of this statement.

  2. Brooke says:

    Hi Andrew.
    I can agree that there are a lot of mixed reviews on brand loyalty and millennials or any generation for that matter and we can always use more data but the report that I found was:

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