Clinical Podcast: A Legend in Physical Therapy | Barb Stevens

We have a LEGEND in the profession of physical therapy this week: Barb Stevens. While Barb has had a bit of a “quiet career,” her impact has been profound in the world of clinical reasoning and fellowship training. Barb has a lot of experience as a PT in the adoption of manual therapy within the profession, the growth of fellowship training, and the education of many young PTs through Evidence In Motion. Barb shares a bit of her journey of 40 years as a PT and imparts her wisdom on us this week!



3 responses to “Clinical Podcast: A Legend in Physical Therapy | Barb Stevens

  1. Cheri Hodges says:

    Barbara has had a profound impact on my professional career. If I had not met her, I would not have gone to Australia to train early in my career setting the foundation for my professional development. She is a legend in our profession, thank you for highlighting her career and her contributions to our profession.

  2. Dave Johnson says:

    Barb is not only a legendary physical therapist in America, she is a legend in Australia. One of the tutors during my year learning manual therapy in Perth had been a classmate of Barb during their year in Adelaide. She was forever envious of Barb for having bested her at every turn and topped their class, but even greater than her envy was her respect for her.

  3. Scott Erbst says:

    Barb had a profound, long term influence on my career and on those of my classmates at Langston University, OK. It was groundbreaking for her to bring manual therapy into a PT program as part of the curriculum over 25 years ago. I will be forever greatful for the manual skills I learned but, most importantly, for the way she made me think.
    – Scott Erbst

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