Clinical Podcast: The Value of Receiving Critical Feedback | Dr. Joe Signorino

Dr. Joseph Signorino joins us on the EIM Clinical Podcast! Joe, Jeff, and John discuss some insights on the way Joe is developing his students in his program, what he’s currently doing clinically, thoughts on persistent pain, and clinical reasoning and the value of receiving critical feedback.

Dr. Signorino is an assistant clinical professor in the Health, Human Function and Rehabilitation Sciences Department at George Washington University. His current teaching responsibilities are in Movement Science II, Foundation of Examinations, Functional Anatomy, Therapeutic Modalities and the Advanced Manual Physical Therapy elective. He has worked in the Outpatient Physical Therapy Department at the George Washington University Hospital in various roles since 2010 and continues clinical practice at this location. Joe’s primary practice interest is in orthopaedic care with a special clinical and research interest in the areas of the hip and persistent pain management.


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