EIM Inside Leadership Podcast: How NOT To Give Someone Advice

As promised, here’s the episode we talked about last week: how NOT to give someone advice. Wow, this is a tough scenario for many of us, whether being an advice giver or recipient of someone else’s advice.

It’s easy for us to say – “I’ve got the solution!” But rarely does that ever end well. Why? Because our advice doesn’t necessarily come from the desire to “relieve” someone else’s discomfort. It actually comes from the desire to relieve our OWN discomfort! “If I can fix what I see wrong over there, then I won’t feel uncomfortable over here.”

But now what happens is that the recipient of your advice now knows that you think 1) something is wrong with them and 2) clearly you don’t believe they can solve the problem themselves. People don’t want that.

In today’s episode, Dr. Daphne Scott will discuss this to help each of us to do some good reflection, ask 5 questions (in the episode) to help us to do a better job with the advice, and move us into part 2, next week, on how to handle this the right way!


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