Clinical Podcast: Changing Your Practice in Response to Emerging Data | Dr. Ernie Gamble

Would you ever consider changing your practice in response to emerging data, experiences had, and things learned? Do you want your practice to continue to get better and better, rather than just “be ok because it’s the way we’ve always done it”?

We welcome Dr. Ernie Gamble to the EIM Clinical Podcast! Dr. Gamble is with BSR Physical Therapy and also Evidence in Motion, where he is teaching doctoral students, residents, and fellows-in-training in the areas of evidence-based practice and musculoskeletal physical therapy. He also has a passion for sports physical therapy with a focus in rehabilitating baseball players.

Ernie, John, and Jeff will discuss some of Ernie’s lessons learned along the way in his career as well as his absolutely incredible trait of lifelong learning. Ernie doesn’t subscribe to the “I’ve already arrived” mentality, thinking he knows it all. He really continues to reflect deeply and learn and apply what he’s learned to continue to grow. It’s a HUGE lesson we can, and should, all learn and apply in our lives and practices.


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