EIM Inside Leadership Podcast: Create A ‘Why You Won’t Want To Work Here’ List

This week’s EIM Inside Leadership episode is going to seem completely opposite of what anyone would ever tell you to do for your company.

Typically, a company wants to tell every employee why they will want to work at their company and why it is the best place to be a part of. But there’s something wrong with this approach. Every new employee knows there is something missing from the conversation: why that employee WON’T want to work at that company.

Today, Dr. Daphne Scott will discuss the reasons behind this topic and give you some background and tips so that you can create your own “why you won’t want to work here” list. Also, this topic was inspired by Daphne’s own “why you won’t want to date me” list… and she may just share this list on today’s episode…


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