EIM Inside Leadership Podcast: Competition and Jealousy

What a topic for this week! Competition and jealousy! Today, Dr. Daphne Scott is joined by Dr. Katie Hendricks to discuss the impact that the experience of competition and jealousy has on our behaviors and outlook on life. We discuss what competition and jealousy actually mean and how they impact us, our leadership, and our teams so greatly.

Is competition and jealousy ever helpful to us? Listen in to find out!

We talk about self-evaluation and the comparison between people, the “Better Than Less Than” game, the scarcity mindset, and the game of musical chairs. Finally, we encourage you to have/find a trusted friend to share your successes with, learn to ask more about others’ successes, and practice shifting your mindset from scarcity thinking to abundant thinking.


One response to “EIM Inside Leadership Podcast: Competition and Jealousy

  1. Phil Gainan says:

    As both a PT, and a Chiropractor, I see the jealousy first hand. Both disciplines many times don’t like each others fields. I believe this can stem from many factors. Lack of understanding of each field. Competition, misinformation also plays a big role as well.
    Once we become more seasoned as practitioners, I believe much of this thinking goes away. Their is plenty patients for us all to help.

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