EIM Inside Leadership Podcast: Developing Your Career: Grow Where You’re Planted

Career development. Who is responsible? Develop your individual contributors or you will not and cannot grow. But, you also have to develop yourself, no matter what level you’re at, if you want to develop your individual contributors as well! Today, we are discussing this whole topic, and we have some tips for you in accomplishing this feat!

Tip #1: Know what you’re being evaluated on and zero in on it! Focus and don’t add more for the sake of adding more.

Tip #2: Solve for your blind spots: you need feedback. Ask for it.

Tip #3: Make sense of what you’ve learned and write it down; journal about it.

Tip #4: Learn and become an expert about something that you’re company actually needs.

Tip #5: Look for any opportunity to learn from others and please don’t ask people to be your ‘mentor’.

But here’s the thing: it is ALL about continually developing yourself. AND… you also have to be willing to TAKE ACTION. Learning all of this and developing yourself, without action, is absolutely useless. So, here’s the basic and simple homework:

Learn and take action. Then rinse and repeat!


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