Practice Leadership Podcast: The Top 5 Cognitive Skills with Dr. Rob Wainner

Dr. Larry Benz welcomes back Dr. Rob Wainner to the EIM Practice Leadership Podcast to continue their discussion from last year on episode 20! Rob is the Leadership Coach of Confluent Health, as well as a well-known researcher, clinician, and teacher in physical therapy.

Larry and Rob continue their discussion with some of the benefits to having a leadership coach with your private practice and on your team as well as Rob’s advice for how to implement it effectively.

Larry asks Rob about cognitive skills, which many refer to as “soft skills,” and what Rob’s top 5 cognitive skills are that he coaches PT’s, and other employees in the organization, to have and work on. Rob and Larry discuss each of these 5 skills in detail and why they are so critical for you to have:

  1. Gratitude
  2. Ability to cultivate positive emotions while handling negative emotions or situations
  3. Curiosity
  4. Non-judgmentalism
  5. Empathy

Also, a few resources you can look up and dig into for more information on this topic:

  • Social Emotional Intelligence
  • Richard Boyatzis
  • Annie McKee
  • Dan Goleman
  • Travis Bradberry
  • Robert Hicks
  • Gallup 2.0
  • Enneagram


One response to “Practice Leadership Podcast: The Top 5 Cognitive Skills with Dr. Rob Wainner

  1. All 5 skills are important in having success in life and business. These skills also can be considered emotional maturation.

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