Inside Leadership Podcast: How To Make A Tough Decision

This week, we are talking about those moments we dread. The moments where we are faced with a complex decision. We’ll talk about making the decision, how to make it a little easier, and then, how to get others to support it.

We will talk about ONE word that makes our decisions difficult: should. We “should” do something, rather than “could” do something. We’ll discuss this, with examples, and explain why this can be a huge game changer for you.

There are four things to watch out for when making a decision:

  • Avoidance
  • Oversimplification
  • Fixation
  • Isolation

Finally, you should always ask yourself this question before making a decision: is there anything about the choice I am going to make that violates my morale and ethical well-being?

We hope this episode helps you massively in your decision-making!


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