Practice Leadership Podcast: Global Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy with Glenn Ruscoe

This week, on the EIM Practice Leadership Podcast, we will be exploring global physiotherapy and physical therapy, as well as the opportunities and challenges for the profession as digital global communications challenge local laws, rules, and cultures.

Dr. Larry Benz chats with Glenn Ruscoe, who is an Australian physiotherapist with a mission to unite our global profession. Seeing, first-hand, the benefits of health practitioner mobility, he met with his regulatory peers to explore opportunities to facilitate the recognition of international physiotherapist/physical therapist qualifications. Glenn initiated a project by the Australian and New Zealand physiotherapy regulating authorities to create common standards for physiotherapy education.

These standards now ensure an equivalency of graduates between the two countries as well as having common standards to measure against international physiotherapists wishing to work in either country.  Glenn is responsible for the creation of the .physio Internet domain extension, where physiotherapists and physical therapists globally can drop their website’s .com or country code domain extension and instead, use the profession’s own digital identity.


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