Practice Leadership Podcast: The Top Trends in Outpatient Physical Therapy

Today, Dr. Larry Benz will be answering some questions that have been sent to him regarding some of the top trends in outpatient physical therapy, whether it be private practice or free-standing outpatient physical therapy clinics.

Larry will be discussing trends that include: increasing your search rankings, fitness/sports training add-ons to your clinic, supplies point of sale (selling additional products to patients), mobile applications for patients, telehealth, residency certifications, pain science, dry needling, continuing education, and imitation that leads to loss of credibility. Enjoy this episode and we hope it helps you to continue to grow and succeed with your practice!


2 responses to “Practice Leadership Podcast: The Top Trends in Outpatient Physical Therapy

  1. Larry,
    Great job as usual. I always look forward to your thoughts. Here are few items i wrote down that did not make your list that I see in my area, neither good or bad….just observations.

    1. Outpatient clinics are now all sports clinic with very few of the clinicians with a sports background.

    2. Certifications outside of APTA board specialties (Too many to name) and the litany of letters behind one’s name these days.

    3. A decrease in athletic trainers going PT school (this may be a local issue)

    4. New graduates not staying in outpatient care

    5. A movement away from manual therapy to exercise

  2. phil gainan says:

    Thanks, Larry,
    Enjoyed the information.

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