Practice Leadership Podcast: Private Practice with Dr. Stanley Paris: Part 2

We’re back with part 2 of the discussion between Dr. Larry Benz and Dr. Stanley Paris. Two weeks ago, we kicked off this 2-part series with a discussion about Dr. Paris’s commitment to private practice and his journey along the way in private practice. Dr. Paris is a well-respected academician and entrepreneur, and he’s well-noted in the sports circles, among his other accomplishments.

Today we’ll continue the discussion and hear about some of the professional associations that Dr. Paris started as well as the formation and journey of the University of St. Augustine and a number of his programs that he created and built along the way. Stanley will share his life experiences, his attitude to live by, and finally some of his advice and encouragement to build, not only a successful practice, but a successful life and legacy.


One response to “Practice Leadership Podcast: Private Practice with Dr. Stanley Paris: Part 2

  1. Tim Mondale says:

    A true leader and visionary in the field, and a great and inspiring teacher. With all of the great leaders we have had, and currently have, I shudder to think about our importance as a profession and what we have to offer to health care if not for him in the last 50+ years.
    Thanks Stanley!!!

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