EIM Inside Leadership Podcast: You Can Be a Jerk… and Make Money

This week’s episode is about bullying. Bullying at work. Perhaps you’ve been bullied or maybe you are the bully. Unfortunately, you can be a jerk (bully) and still make money and be successful. So people may see the leader as an extremely accomplished and successful person (the company can be tied to that), but yet this person isn’t easy to work with.

We will discuss what bullying looks like in the workplace and how to deal with it. It is true that you can’t change someone else, but you can make a decision that best benefits you if you’re in a negative and toxic situation. We hope this episode helps to reduce the bullying/jerk mentality in your clinic while still making money and being successful!


2 responses to “EIM Inside Leadership Podcast: You Can Be a Jerk… and Make Money

  1. Phil Gainan says:

    When I have watched Dr. Phil in the past, I often felt that bullying was exactly what this man does for ratings. He chooses wounded people, that have a difficult time communicating. He makes a pile of money, and always comes out as the good guy.

  2. Daphne says:

    That is a very interesting observation Phil. I’m not that familiar with Dr. Phil directly but this could be a possible great example of what I’m pointing too in the episode. The more we can be clear about what true success is for ourselves, the better off we will all be. Thank you for listening and commenting too!

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