Practice Leadership Podcast: Predictions for Physical Therapy in 2018

Here at Evidence in Motion, we’ve always written out our predictions on the EIM blog. Today, Dr. Larry Benz shares six of his predictions for 2018. These include:

  1. A low overall growth rate for physical therapy.
  2. The focus, for a practice, needs to be on customer service (specifically scheduling and wait times).
  3. The middlemen in physical therapy will “soften” but continue to grow in popularity and use.
  4. Salaries for PTs are going to continue to rise (particularly entry-level PTs).
  5. Investment in physical therapy and health services in general is going to flourish.
  6. Educational disruption will continue to get more attention.

Larry may even share a bonus prediction in today’s episode. We’ve also linked past predictions from Dr. Benz as well as predictions from Dr. Heidi Jannenga here in the show notes. We’d love to hear your thoughts on these predictions as well as some of your own for 2018!


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