EIM Inside Leadership Podcast: What I Learned in 2017

Dr. Daphne Scott shares what she learned in 2017 on today’s EIM Inside Leadership Podcast. This episode incorporates a few key concepts about reflection, vision, and action all within the container of “learning.” One important piece about reflection to remember is that it is to be used as a learning tool and nothing more. It’s easy to fall into regret and disappointment when reflecting and that is not our goal here.

We’ll look at ways to reflect, specifically, on what went well and what didn’t, what challenges we overcame, where we were on course and off course, and what things we said we were committed too that we didn’t seem to put any energy into. Daphne shares some personal examples of these reflections and then how we all can take those reflections and turn them into specific vision and healthy action for 2018.


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