EIM Inside Leadership Podcast: The Is-Ness of the Biz-Ness

Happy New Year! Now that it’s 2018, we want to kick this year off to the right start. On this week’s EIM Inside Leadership Podcast with Dr. Daphne Scott, Daphne discusses the “is-ness of the biz-ness.” Otherwise put: facing reality. This topic is SO important because if you resist reality as it is right now (i.e. the “is-ness), that is the essence of suffering. The definition of “is-ness” is that things cannot be otherwise as they are in this moment.

What do we need to do? The primary thing is to pause and move into acceptance of the now moment. Then, we also take action. By accepting the now moment allows us to act from a place of compassion and clear understanding. First ask yourself what your “is-ness of your biz-ness is.” Then give this whole idea a try and see how it works for you. There’s also a very challenging piece of homework in the episode for you to try and then share your experience!


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