Clinical Podcast: Part 2 with Dr. Chad Cook

It’s the last EIM Clinical Podcast of 2017 and on this week’s episode, Dr. Jeff Moore and Dr. John Childs are joined, once again, by Dr. Chad Cook for part 2 of their discussion back in episode 35. Chad is the Director of Duke University’s DPT program as well as a clinical trialist and well-known researcher, specifically, outcomes-related research and, most recently, health services research.

In episode 35, Chad shared thoughts on trial design, biases in research, outcome measures and which ones to use just to name a few. Today, Jeff, John, and Chad continue the discussion to cover superiority vs non-inferiority trials, non-specific effects, Therapeutic Alliance, patient perception, and other factors that drive clinical outcome.


2 responses to “Clinical Podcast: Part 2 with Dr. Chad Cook

  1. Matthew Bressan, PT, DPT says:

    Any good articles/research on non-specific components of care and therapeutic alliance? Thanks!

  2. Adam Braxmeyer, PT, DPT says:

    Can you provide some good research to support therapeutic alliance/non-specific factors?

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