EIM Inside Leadership Podcast: Attached to an Outcome

On this week’s EIM Inside Leadership Podcast with Dr. Daphne Scott, Daphne discusses what happens to us when we become attached to an outcome. Goal setting is fantastic and essential, however, since we don’t control every aspect of achieving a goal, being attached to that outcome can be detrimental. There are three rituals that can help us achieve goals correctly and in a healthy and attainable manner:

  • Accountability does matter. Having an accountability partner is essential.
  • Commitment to achieving our goals
  • Actually writing the goals down

So what can we do to remain present and watch out for being attached to outcomes?  Here are three ways:

  • Notice when you start to get attached that might be out of line with who you might be.
  • Are you committing your greatest resources to achieving a goal?
  • Notice when you fall off of your commitment to your goal.


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